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  • Book + App

    Seamlessly pair The Good Fight book with The Good Fight app for a revolutionary experience. You're going to love it.

  • Powerful Tools

    This app features assessments, games, video tips, and more - all designed to help you build the kind of relationship you want.

  • Video Insights

    Packed with tons of video insights that personalize your experience and provide simple steps for fighting a good fight.

  • Discover Together

    Each tool is designed to be used with your partner. You'll be part of the world's smallest social network: just the two of you.

  • "This app changes everything! My wife and I will never fight the same way again."

    Ranjy, Portland

  • "I love the Fight Type tool in the app, it helped us quickly discover how we can approach our conflicts in a much more productive way."

    Diane, Boulder

  • "This thing is downright fun! Each peice is engaging and didn't feel like work even though the results were significant."

    Gretchen, Kansas City

  • "I was a little sceptical at first but after a couple minutes, I'm hooked. This app is amazing!"

    Kerri, Oklahoma City

  • "I love the idea of my wife and I having our own social network through this app. Nice work guys!"

    Carl, Houston

  • "I've never seen a book/app combo like this before. It really makes it easy to put the content from the book into practise. Love it!"

    Brandon, San Bernardino